About Matt
Matt Ratliff is an accomplished digital marketer and a tech expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is known for his problem-solving skills and has served as a Senior Network Engineer for various companies within the US. Matt is also a skilled marketing strategist, helping entrepreneurs align their marketing efforts toward their dream clients and creating processes that automate much of their business.

In addition to his expertise in tech and marketing, Matt is also an email deliverability expert. He works alongside his wife, Grace, in their home in East Tennessee, where they provide email deliverability services, and architect automations for entrepreneurs. Matt has a strong background in e-commerce, having developed his skills in drop-shipping, Facebook ads, and organic traffic growth through groups and the dream 100.

Matt's dedication to the online space began with a food blog in 2014, which led him to focus his attention on e-commerce. In 2017, he successfully sold his e-commerce business for five figures and began helping others achieve success by developing their customer avatars and aligning their strategies toward cultivating a mass movement.
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  Email: info@funneltechie.com
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